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Affiliate Groups

The Affiliate Groups of the Alumni Society are specialized groups who provide a source of information and support for alumni and students.  Current affiliates include the Medical Alumni Council, Nursing Alumni Council, Masters of Health Administration Council and Golden Grads. These affiliates organize special events, continuing education programs and networking opportunities.

Council of Alumni Lawyers (CAL)

The Council of Alumni Lawyers is to promote the educational and professional development of undergraduate students who plan to enter the field of law, through educational initiatives, assistance with networking and internships, and guidance on law school admissions. The CAL also encourages greater involvement by alumni lawyers in the University community by sponsoring continuing legal education courses, seminars on legal developments, providing professional networking opportunities, and encouraging financial support for the University from its lawyer alumni. The CAL serves to provide a career long association with the University of Scranton in furtherance of the education received by its members at the University.

Medical Alumni Council (MAC)

The Medical Alumni Council seeks to assist undergraduate pre-health professional students through education in health-related programs, networking assistance and guidance on admission to health professional schools, and access to role models in various medical careers. The MAC also keeps alumni health practitioners informed about campus developments, nominates students and alumni for scholarships and awards, conducts symposia for alumni in the health professions, and encourages financial support for the University from these alumni. The Medical Alumni Council is dedicated to securing The University of Scranton's place as the recognized leader in pre-health professional education in Pennsylvania.

The Nursing Alumni Council

The Nursing Alumni Council fosters the development of professional nurses through communication intended to guide and support them. Our goal is to advocate for the University of Scranton by promoting a positive image of nursing. We unite with fellow alumni to form a network from which we may all draw strength and guidance in this ever changing field. The council supports and encourages the further enrichment and development of its members. We seek to honor distinguished students, faculty, and alumni for their accomplishments and contributions to health care. The Nursing Alumni Council works with the University to actively recruit potential students for its nursing programs.

Masters of Health Administration

Masters of Health Administration Alumni serve as external mentors, preceptors, guest lecturers, and co-sponsors for a local health care symposium. They are a constant source of information, advice,and support for students. During the past year, alumni have organized a golf tournament, networking receptions, and also co-sponsored the MHA program's Annual Symposium.